Nelson Road Extension, Gougar Turn Lane and More Summer Road Construction

It's slow. It's a pain. It's construction.

Road construction projects throughout New Lenox have spread like an air-borne virus. The projects currently underway are: the from Williams Street through Harlem Avenue in Frankfort, , and the intersection of

The Route 30 project, which is expected to last for at least another year, has forced a shift in traffic from the right lanes to the two middle lanes. That traffic pattern is expected to last for a few months.  

The South Cedar Road project has just erupted. It's a village campaign that relies on motor fuel tax dollars to fuel sidewalk improvements, curb updates and ultimately asphalt overlays on the side streets, said Will Nash, engineer for the . The project is expected to be completed at the end of August or the first part of September. The price tag for the project is about $522,000.

The back up on Cedar Road beginning Aug. 22 is due to preparations for sidewalk installation between in the area between First and Fourth Avenues.

Along with the sidewalks, Nash said, the project calls for curb improvements, including the installation of bridge-like crossings that make for smooth travel for people with disabilities. The project is aimed at satisfying the guidelines of the American Disabilities Act in regard to handicapped accessibility. 

The bridge-like crossings, the technical name for which is truncated domes, make for a smooth surface to accommodate people who rely on canes, walkers or wheelchairs, said Nash. The truncated domes are expected to be installed at each of the crossings between First and Fourth Avenues. 

The final aspect of the Cedar Road project is installing a fresh layer of asphalt overlay on First-Fourth Avenues.  

Gougar Road and Route 30

The is responsible for the $1.5 million road widening project at Route 30and Gougar Road.

Facing north on Gougar Road, there will be a dedicated left turn lane and right turn lane, as well as the existing through lane. Facing south, there will still be two lanes but the configuration will change. Instead of a right-only lane and a left/through lane, there will be a left-only lane and a right/through.

Nash said the situation is a bit better this week, because the asphalt mix has been poured. That minimizes the drop off between the existing road and the foundation. It's safer now to drive in that area, he added.

"They've got the (asphalt built up), so the outside lanes of traffic can move easier."

"They still need to complete work on the median," he added. That project is also expected to be completed by early September.

Nelson Road Extension

The between Haven Avenue and Illinois Highway is still a bit in the offing, according to Nash.

The plan is to extend Nelson Road about one mile in length, hence joining the south side of town to Route 30. As recently as 10 days ago, Nash said he had scaled the "first hurdle," which is a serious discussion with pipeline officials about coordinating the project along their easement.

The discussion and details are continuing, Nash said. However, he expects cooperation from the various utility and gas line companies.

In the meantime, village officials are hoping to gather approval to purchase property from the landowner. "We're getting appraisals," he said. 

That project remains in the early phases of planning, he said.

Route 30 and Interstate 80

Last week, Nash said  construction crews were moving pipe and the dirt around the on-and-off ramps on . The plan is to install new high mast lights at the ramp.

The project is not yet complete, he said.       

Carol Neidermeyer August 23, 2012 at 05:13 PM
Armor-Tile makes truncated domes: Truncated domes are the Federally legislated standard design requirement for detectable warnings which enable people with visual disabilities to determine the boundary between the sidewalk and street. Because truncated domes have a unique design they can be detected underfoot and by sound on cane contact. Only Armor-Tile has a unique sound on cane contact feature required for optimum detectability in warning surfaces. Color contrast is another beneficial aspect of the truncated dome, making the tile visually detectable from the surrounding surface. It's the ugly yellow bumpy tile by intersections and train platforms that love to bubble-up and trip you.
pro streeter August 24, 2012 at 04:17 AM
All the work done at Schoolhouse rd and Rt 30, and they still didn't add right turn lanes... Ever pull up to rt 30 while traveling north on Schoolhouse and have some idiot almost rip your mirror off trying to get around you? Impatient people who can't wait for a green light. They want you to move over to the left and almost into the left turn lane so they can get around, and it could have been easily resolved by adding a turn lane while they were ripping the place apart....
Charles Reasoner September 20, 2012 at 03:23 AM
Wasn't the Route 30 Project funded through the 2009 Economic Recovery Act/Stimulus Bill? I saw one of the orange signs and then ot was quickly taken down. That very nice Joliet Fire Station on Laraway next to Chicagoland Speedway was funded by the Stimulus bill. Same situation,, that is a sign announced that and was quickly removed.


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