Senate Republicans Stiff Veterans

Last week Republicans showed us what they really think about veterans.

Last week Senate Republicans, as they have done a record amount of times in the last four years, used a legislative procedure to prevent a vote on a bill that had majority support. What was most disturbing about this filibuster was not the fact that it was a jobs bill, but that it was a jobs bill, fully funded and specifically designed for veterans. Senate bill 3457, the Veterans Jobs Corp Act, would have created jobs for over 700,000 unemployed veterans, including the more than 225,000 post 9/11 vets. Only five Republican Senators joined all Democrats in voting to stop the filibuster. War hero, John McCain, was not among them. 

If the Republicans were bothered by the fact that the unemployment rate of veterans is over 11 percent, higher than the national average, and that the suicide rate among the military is at record heights it was not reflected in their votes or in their comments on the bill. Nor did they seem to be conscious of the economic sacrifices endured by so many who volunteered to serve their country.

One has to question the moral compass of a political party that consists of members who never miss an opportunity to wrap the flag around their shoulders, who get misty eyed when talking about the sacrifices of the military, but cannot find the will to spend $200 million to help those they eagerly sent into harms way in two unfunded wars. This from a party that has no problem in finding billions in subsidies for the most profitable corporations in the world, many which pay no taxes.  

The Republican vote on the Veterans Jobs Corp Act belies that party’s proclaimed support for anything military; it exposes the Republican Party’s core belief that there is no role for government in the lives of those less fortunate, who for whatever reason, need the support of their government.

Mitt Romney, in the now infamous 47 percent video, inadvertently gave us a peek into his heart, and his view of those he thinks have not taken enough personal responsibility for their lives. His distain for and dismissal of anyone who thinks they are entitled to healthcare, food, homes, jobs, whatever was obvious. In a few, stark minutes, Romney gave us his vision of America; two days later Republican Senators manifested that dark vision into reality with their vote that killed the Veterans Jobs Corp Act.  

Ron Kurowski

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mecando September 30, 2012 at 01:47 PM
Walt Hines September 30, 2012 at 02:53 PM
" the lower classes have always bred in numbers" and you wonder why the republican party is losing past support from their own party. The truth comes out just as it did with the 47% remark from Romney. The millions of dollars that the Romney's have and the Mrs. still dresses like a cheap corner hooker. What an inappropriate outfit she had on when she appeared on Jay Leno. I guess money doesn't afford one good respectable taste.
South Suburban MoveOn Council October 01, 2012 at 03:32 PM
Denise, it you not Olddeegee that is missing the point. You either have a very bad problem in comprehending what you read or you are intentionally distorting the point of the blog, which is that the Republican’s assertion that they care more for veterans and military personal more than the Democrats is not supported by facts. The Senate republicans stiffing veterans on the jobs bill is only the most recent but not the only time Republicans have turned their backs on the needs of veterans and the military. No were does the blog claim that vets support Dems over Reps! Here is the voting record on veteran’s bills for the 111th Congress compiled by Iraq an Afghanistan Veterans of America: http://iavaaction.org/report-card/a_team_d_list The ‘A’ lists contain the names of Congressmen and Senators who consistently voted in support of veterans, and they’re all Democrats. The ‘D’ list contains the names of legislators who consistently voted against veteran’s bills and they are all Republicans. Detect a pattern? Here is a link which will show you how your Congressman/Senator voted on veteran’s bills in the 111th Congress and the bills and why their grade: http://iavaaction.org/report-card?name=McCain+ And here is a conservative’s view on the Senate Republican’s vote on the jobs bill. http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/ad-lib/2012/sep/23/republicans-turn-their-backs-veterans-vote-down-jo/ Ron Kurowski
oswegoannie October 01, 2012 at 10:08 PM
Iris - you are a fool. Stop showing your ignorance publically; you are embarrassing yourself. The Republicans killed Bill 3457. A fact. How is it a lie?
Tom Klimczak October 04, 2012 at 04:40 AM
Trickle down government never worked, or else people would still be clamoring to breach the borders into the USSR. Veterans deserve the very best, a REAL job, not a government handout. Private employers, please consider veterans when hiring. Yes, give them preferential treatment. They earned it.


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