Romney/Bain to profit from moving Sensata to China

This article shows how Romney/Bain are profiting from sending American jobs to China.

In Freeport, IL, there is a company called Sensata.  This company used to belong to Honeywell, but then Honeywell sold it to Bain Capital.  As soon as Bain got the company, they sent people to the plant to tell the workers that the plant was closing, and all equipment as well as jobs were going to China.  Further, they were told they had to train the Chinese replacement workers and to not take any photos of equipment being moved out of the plant. Failure to do either of these things would result in instant termination and loss of severance pay.


51% of Sensata is owned by Mitt Romney, since he owns 51% of Bain Capital.  Clearly this action reflects his business model:  Buy a company and move it and the jobs to China.  If Sensata had been losing money, this might have made sense, but in fact it was a profitable company already.  The ONLY motive to moving the plant and laying off all of their American workers is greed.


Romney is constantly saying that he wants to get people back to work with good paying jobs here in America, but actions like this speak otherwise.  He has NO apparent concern at all for the town of Freeport or the many workers at Sensata.  What he and Bain are concerned about is maximizing personal profit.   NO SURPRISE THERE!!!  I would expect no less.


I don’t object to people making money, but this isn’t simply a case of making money; it’s a case of making MORE money at any cost, and in this case, the cost is the town of Freeport, the Sensata workers, and the workers' families.   So when I hear Romney shouting about how he is going to get America back back to work, I just ignore him.  He cares about making money first, and America and its workers are way down his list of priorities.  If you vote for Romney expecting him to do anything to help the middle class and American workers, you’re in for a rude awakening.  It won’t happen.  Just ask the workers at Sensata how Mr. Romney is helping them find the American Dream.

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