VIDEO: What Does a Supt. Do on Spring Break?

Lincoln-Way school district Supt. Lawrence Wyllie gives readers a behind-the-scenes look about what he does on his vacation. Here's a hint: It involves more work.

Beginning earlier this year,  Supt. Lawrence Wyllie has been sitting down with Patch for a series of video Q&As about the district with some of the questions provided by readers.

In today's segment--the final one in this series--Wyllie answers this   question from Frankfort Patch editor Joe Vince: What are you doing for spring break?


Want to catch up on Wyllie's other video interviews? Check out the Q&A topic page or watch the videos concerning these specific questions:

HOW DO YOU LIKE THESE Q&As? Are they informative? Do you like being able to submit your own questions? Is there a way they could be improved? Tell us what you think in the comments section.


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