Bengals Coaches Honored for 20 Years of Leadership

Dawn Sasek and Lorrie Campea, the girls golf and badminton coaches respectively, were recently honored by Oak Forest High School for their 20 years of service to their teams, their sports and the school.

Oak Forest High School took time recently to honor several coaches and activities sponsors for their dedicated work to students at the school.

School administration specially honored two longtime coaches, Lorrie Campea and Dawn Sasek. Campea was honored for her work as the girls golf coach at the high school for the last 26 years, while Sasek has coached badminton for the past 20 years.

Campea, a retired physical education and health teacher in District 143, said that her time with the golf team was always special to her. She said that she makes sure her team takes things seriously on the course, but that she makes sure they have fun.

“When I took over the golf team, I just devoted myself to that,” she said. “Basically it's something I really do for fun. I'm serious with the kids and I make them be serious and follow all the rules on the course, but they're having fun, too.”

Sasek echoed Campea's sentiments, saying that she got into coaching not only for her love of the sport, but for her love of the team. Sasek said that she learned the ropes of badminton from her high school coach, Bob Sands.

“I played badminton in high school in the late '70s at Shepard High School, under Sands,” she said. “He's a pretty famous coach. That's why I coach here.”

Both added that their time at Oak Forest has been filled with more than they could have ever asked for and were honored to be recognized for their accomplishments.

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Colleen McAbee November 09, 2012 at 02:49 PM
Lorrie Campea was a phys. ed. teacher in Midlothian School District 143, not 123 as stated above. I know because she was my jr. high gym teacher at Kolmar School. She was a terrific role model for young girls. Congratulations to both her and Mrs. Sasek, who was an inspiration to my son at OFHS.
JJ November 09, 2012 at 10:52 PM
Congratulations to both and to a wonderful school -- the little gem on the south side that nobody outside of OF knows about!


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