Lincoln-Way High School Students Back In Class, School Buses Get To Sleep In

The Lincoln-Way high schools were open again for students who could get there on their own.

They managed to get this bus in Canada up and running. Credit: AFP/Getty Images
They managed to get this bus in Canada up and running. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

The Lincoln-Way high schools were up and running Wednesday for the first time this week but the district's school buses didn't answer the bell.

“Due to mechanical issues associated with the weather conditions there will not be any transportation provided for the high school students," said district Superintendent R. Scott Tingley.

"Transportation will be provided for the elementary districts as regularly scheduled," Tingley said. "We have 97 buses running for Wednesday, and need to have a full 127. We are working to that end all of today.”

District workers have been struggling since Friday to get the bus fleet on the move.

"Because of the extreme cold, and the newer diesel buses the district has purchased in the last several years, the buses would start and then quit," according to a statement released by the high school district.

Without school bus service, high school students had to figure out their own way to make it to class. Either that or ask someone for a ride. Or possibly walk.

“We appreciated how cooperative our parents have been by transporting their children to school,” Tingley said.

"We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause," he said. "Any student unable to attend due to lack of transportation will receive an excused absence.”

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