Lincoln-Way HS District Budget Ready for Public Viewing

Also from the board meeting: Lincoln-Way honored Charles Stark for his dedication to the music experience at the school and in the area, and the board discussed school on holidays.

Proposed 2012-13 Budget Available

The Lincoln-Way High School District 210 board approved a notice of a public hearing of the 2012-2013 budget at 6 p.m. Sept. 11 in the office of the superintendent at .

The proposed budget stands in excess of $97 million dollars ($97,145,292.) Meanwhile and in accordance with regulations, the budget will remain on display at the superintendent's office. 

In a report, Supt. Lawrence Wyllie explained that 2011-12 revenues did not match expenditures. The district's reserves had to be used to cover the $3.27 million shortfall.

He added that not all of the real estate taxes collected had been distributed to the taxing bodies as of June 30. In addition, the district did not receive $1.5 million in categorical (funds for operation and maintenance, education and transportation) money from the State of Illinois.

However, district officials expect to receive the funds soon.

Long-Time Music Chairman Honored

Prior to the board meeting Thursday, a reception was held in honor of the recently-retired Charles Stark, district auditorium coordinator and former music department chair.

In a crowd of well-wishers, Stark posed next to an engraved photo plate that was ceremoniously installed on the brick wall of fame at the entrance to the Performing Arts Center.

Since 1969, Stark has been the engine that revved up music and theatrical performance in the Lincoln Way communities of New Lenox, Mokena, Frankfort and Manhattan for the past 43 years.

Having formally resigned his position as of June 30, his years of service, dedication and inspiration were lauded. Along with members of the high school community, including teachers and staff from the Central music department, choir members from the were on-hand to toast Stark's many achievements.

In total, four engraved plaques were created—one for each of the four high schools in the district.

Wyllie shared a memory about Stark's commitment and dedication to the district. In 2000, when the East campus was opened, Stark was given a directive to avail the Performing Arts Center to the community. "And he did that with a passion." The facility has featured the U.S. Marine Corps Band, children's theatrical productions and much more.

community relations director, smiled when asked to comment about Stark's many contributions. "He's just been involved so much, a part of the community. He's part of the entire musical experience here at the Lincoln Way schools and in the area."  

Commenting later, Stark said, he was "struck" by the engraved plague and the fact that it will be at the entrance to the Performing Arts Centers at each of the schools. The response and appreciation expressed for his years of service has been a bit "overwhelming," he said.

"It was quite and honor. I should have thanked more people, but I wasn't able to think of all the names."   

And while he will be on-hand from-time-to-time for the next year, Stark said he and his wife are looking forward to retiring.

"Next week will be the first Institute Day that I've missed in 43 years. We're going to be in Door County."

School on Holidays?

At the board meeting, members approved a resolution that enables the district to hold classes on state designated holidays: Veterans Day, Columbus Day, Lincoln's Birthday, Casimir Pulaski Day and Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday.

"It doesn't mean the school will be open," said Wyllie, but it is now an option. Previously, if the district deemed it necessary to keep the schools open on a particular state holiday, a waiver would have been filed.

"Personally," he said, "I like the days off. You go for a stretch, and it's good to have a day off. It's good for the kids to have a break."

Mike August 11, 2012 at 03:18 PM
Have classes on all state designated holidays with the exception of Veterans Day and Lincoln's Birthday. Have special non-mandatory celebrations of the other state designated holidays on Saturdays. It is extremely important that schools have continuity in instruction. Schools have become silly in these long 3 and 4 day weekends that disrupt instruction and are only used to placate the demands of the teachers. Let's get serious about education at LW and all the underlying school districts.
FSR August 11, 2012 at 09:19 PM
Can't get much more serious about education than Lincoln Way and the area's feeder districts.
Suzy August 12, 2012 at 04:02 AM
In what ways does a Monday off disrupt instruction? What experience do you have as an instructor? Never in my many years of teaching have teachers ever demanded holiday days off, so I'm not sure where your idea of placating teachers came from. It's comical how just 8-10 years ago, students use to redicule teachers for their low pay and standing in the community. Today, we are viewed as leeches who are in it for the money and extended holidays. Why do I feel like it's the really stupid people who sleep-walked through high school who are anti-teacher? Might it be because through personal experience an education was usesless for him/her? Have you ever spoken with a LW student or graduate and asked him about the quality of the education he received? Talk to the kids. They can testify how instruction is probably light years ahead of where it was 20 years ago when you weren't taking school seriously.
Mike August 12, 2012 at 04:41 AM
Suzy, you are a typical union hack. Immediately you try to intimidate and intimate that people who put the kids before the teachers are uneducated or ill educated. LW has fine schools, but they can be better. The quality of education in all public schools continues to decrease and has done so over the last 50 years. Most of the decrease in the quality of education can be directly linked to the increased power of teacher unions. Professional educators are absent from the educational scene. We have too many teachers with degrees that have nothing to do with classroom teaching. LW has more teachers with master degrees in admin and counselling than will never be used. Degree mills like Gov. St crank out useless M.ED in Admin that teachers pursue only to get lane adjustments. Teacher in-service days are silly and non-productive. Teachers use sick and personal days for weekend and holiday extensions. There are plenty of people out there who know what happens in the schools and it doesn't take a brain surgeon to recognize what is happening. Parents don't confront teachers or admins about the lack of professionalism in the schools because the teachers will hold the kids hostage. Things are changing and the day will soon be here when more accountability will be demanded in the public schools. All GOOD teachers will welcome that day.
Robert August 12, 2012 at 07:15 PM
Up until about 10 years ago the majority of instruction consisted of worksheets and teaching content rather than practical skills. Anyone familiar with education will tell you that today's teachers are better trained and held more accountable than ever before. However, for whatever reason you contend that public education has decreased over the last 50 years. What evidence do you have of this? Lack of professionalism? Would you be more specific? Are teachers to blame for student apathy? Teachers "holding kids hostage" and putting themselves before the kids is the same type of nonsense spouted by people who just a few years ago rediculed people for getting into education in the first place while praising those same people for doing a job that nobody wanted to do. I walked away from a six figure job in the private sector to become a teacher because I wanted to look back on my life and know that I made a difference in others' lives rather than making $$$. Obviously you are not a teacher because all GOOD teachers know that taking a sick day undoubtedly leads to more work. Do you realize what obliterating teacher unions would do to education in this country? Rather than having the courage to teach kids practical skills, teachers would be terrified to do anything more than teach to the test because student scores on MULTIPLE CHOICE tests would be the key assessment tool for teacher performance. Critical thinking is under attack in this country. It's either choose A) Rep or B) Dem.
KC August 12, 2012 at 09:41 PM
You can't spend more than you have. Period. That's not to say people don't deserve more.
Mike August 13, 2012 at 06:40 PM
Robert, all teachers have due process whether they are union or not. You cannot fire teachers in an arbitrary or capricious manner. Teacher jobs are protected not only by the law, but also by good administrators and good board members who are held accountable by the community. This, Robert, use to be known as local control. We need to get back to it. I don't want our local schools operating under the same rules as Chicago. Bad teachers take sick days on a whim and personal days like vacation. My argument is not with good teachers and we have plenty of them. I also support differential teacher pay. In other word, pay a physics teacher or math teacher or other science teachers on a separate scale from other teachers such as pe teachers. Isn't it silly that the unions demand pe teachers, driver's ed teacher, etc must get the same pay as a foreign lang, math, science teacher? How about giving primary grade (1-3) higher pay.
lala August 17, 2012 at 05:36 PM
Suzy - speaking of stupid people, tell me what the word redicule means in your sentence.
FSR August 23, 2012 at 01:11 PM
This board is doing what they are suppose to be doing. You don't want a board running the school district like others in the area.


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