Hundreds Inducted into Honor Societies at Lincoln-Way West

Lincoln-Way West High School celebrated inductees of National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta Monday, March 10.

Lincoln-way West High School held its induction ceremony for the National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta recently. | Photo provided.
Lincoln-way West High School held its induction ceremony for the National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta recently. | Photo provided.

Parents, teachers, and community members were welcomed to the induction ceremony for Lincoln-Way West High School chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS) and the Mu Alpha Theta chapter on Monday, March 10 at the West Fine Arts Center, New Lenox.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Sarah Bonamino, vice president of NHS, and David McManus, vice president of Mu Alpha Theta, math honorary. The National Anthem was sung by NHS officers Sarah Bonamino and Jenny Richardson.

Kevin Staniszewski, president of NHS, and Jacob Gasparich, president of Mu Alpha Theta, addressed the audience of several hundred guests including Kim Kokal McArdle, daughter of Ron and Cindy Kokal, her husband Dan McArdle and their two sons Trevor and Camden McArdle, grandsons of Ron and Cindy Kokal. The community award given by the two organizations is named in Ron’s honor. 

Dr. Monica Schmitt, principal, presented the Ron Kokal Community Award to Will County Judge Bobbi Petrungaro. Judge Petrungaro has been a Will County Judge since 2005. While serving on the bench, she has worked with school programs and was appointed by the Supreme Court to mentor judges. In 2010, Judge Petrungaro was appointed as a Director of the Lincoln-Way Foundation for Educational Excellence. The students know Judge Petrungaro best from participating in Road to Reality, and from presenting 7 Reasons to Leave a Party, both programs for students to teach about the hazards of drugs, drinking and driving. 

“Judge Petrungaro, on behalf of the Lincoln-Way West chapters of National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta, I am honored to present you with the Ron Kokal Award for your continued dedication to the Lincoln-Way students and community and for exemplifying to our young leaders and scholars your integrity, honesty, and passion for learning and helping others,” stated Principal Schmitt.

Ron Kokal, former school board member, graduate of Lincoln-Way High School, and Lincoln-Way Foundation charter member, had a strong dedication and love for the continued success of the students and community in the Lincoln-Way area. In 2010 he passed away unexpectedly within a short month after he received the first West NHS and Mu Alpha Theta Community Award. The students elected to name the award after him in 2011.

Currently there are 109 members of the Lincoln-Way West National Honor Society and 73 inductees for the ceremony. Along with Kevin Staniszewski serving as president and Sarah Bonamino serving as vice president, the executive board includes: Meghan Baltas, Alivia Bianchi, Hannah Fishbeck, Franco Pettinato, Michael Phillips, Lisa Pohlman-Zordan, and Jennifer Richardson. Beth Biesen is the faculty advisor and reading teacher.

Lincoln-Way West’s Mu Alpha Theta currently has 141 members while inducting 135 members in the induction ceremony on March 10. Serving as  officers with Jacob Gasparich, president, and David McManus, vice president, is John Nolan, secretary/treasurer. Tracy Plesek and Melissa Sweeney are faculty advisers and math teachers. Tracy is the math department chair at West.

“An invitation to tonight’s ceremony truly is the highest honor we bestow at Lincoln-Way West. The Warriors you meet here are our best and brightest, and tonight we are proud to be adding to their ranks. I hope that you will find at least one moment where you will see your sons and daughters through our eyes- as the young men and women that set the example for excellence at Lincoln-Way West each and every day,” stated Dr. Monica Schmitt, principal.

Lincoln-Way West National Honor Society inductees are: Nathan Adler, Ryan Hastings, Elizabeth Paul, Deena Baber, Michael Pratl, Hannah Baker, Tristan Hibler, Jordan Richards, Nicholas Bovard, Zachary Johnson, Max Rickerson, Michaela Bulthuis, Jakob Kagay, Joshua Rickerson, Abriella Caravette, Adam Knerr, Brooke Robbins, Jacob Carlson, Kelsey Knodel, Jason Roesing, Scott Christensen, Thomas Kowalkowski, Mallory Root, Kyle Cravens, Amanda Ruskowsky, Anna-Christina Crisman, Danielle Kuchler, Andrew Ryan, Mark Macha, Samantha Sayers, Timothy Cucci, Carly Senerchia, Rachel Czaja, Jonathon Marotta, and Rachel Singh.

Also inducted into the National Honor Society are: Jenna Czart, Christopher Martos, Megan Smalter, Kaitlyn Daniluk, Stephanie McDonald, Kaitlyn Souder, Brianna Darlage, Daniel McGrory, Hailey Souder, Katie Davis, Emma Mierzwa, Ashley Stagner, Gianna Delia, Grace Monti, Gretchen Stellwagen, Joseph Delia, Julia Monti, Erika Tanquilut, Jacquelyn Moore, Mattie Taylor, Mitchell Feehan, Madison Mueller, and Kevin Turay.

Additional Lincoln-Way West inductees to the National Honor Society are: Allison Fron, Sabrina Norton, Danielle Vargas, Brandon Galloway, Thomas O’Kane, Kyle Wardinski, Andrew O’Keefe, Paige Zawislak, Samuel Grubisich, Dario Panici, and Matthew Zolfo.

Lincoln-Way West Mu Alpha Theta inductees are: Annie Albright, Ryan Hastings, Deena Baber, Breanne Jacobs, Joshua Rickerson,Benjamin Preston, Zaid Alnobani, Brian Heckler, Renee Propp, Alexander Alvarado, Michael Hernandez, Emily Ray, Haley Anderson, Jordan Richards, John Anderson, Bethany Houda, Max Rickerson, Zeusan Balquin, Dakota Jandek, Jason Roesing, Alessandra Beth, Kailey Kahl, Mallory Root, Alexis Biedrzycki, Jeremy Kambic, Amanda Ruskowsky, Nicholas Bishop, Alexia Karales, Haley Sawa, Nicholas Bovard, Jessica Karlic and Nathan Schueler.

Additional Mu Alpha Theta inductees are: Thomas Brennan, Justin Keuch, Jenna Serrano, Paige Bridges, Peter King, Rachel Singh, Michaela Bulthuis, Jenna Kirkeeng, Kaitlyn Souder, Nina Bumstead, Thomas Kowalkowski, Bridget Soukop, Divinity Burgos, Michael Kowalski, Morgan Staley, Abbegale Cagwin, Danielle Kuchler, Kyle Starkus, Abriella Caravette, Jeremy Lascola, Gretchen Stellwagen, Jacob Carlson, Taylor LeBeau, Rachel Sterkowitz, Anthony Castaneda, Anna Leo, Scott Christensen, James Lucia, Steven Suggett, Mark Macha and Sarah Suppes.

Additional inductees for Lincoln-Way West Mu Alpha Theta are: Carlyn Clarke, Anthony Marotta, Alexandra Sutor, Meghan Curry, Christopher Martos, Erika Tanquilut, Rachel Czaja, Daniel McGrory, Nicholas Trolian, Jenna Czart, Haley McHale, Justin Trout, Kayla Deacon, Nichole Medeisis, Tessa Valentine, Thomas DeFacci, Amanda Medendorp, Jacob Vanderwell, Olivia DeGroot, Alyssa Michalski, Danielle Vargas, Joseph Delia, Grace Monti, and Daniel Wainwright.

Also inducted into the Lincoln-Way West Mu Alpha Theta math honorary are:  Erin Dolan, Julia Monti, Carlee Wajchert, Regina Durling, Jacquelyn Moore, Kyle Wardinski, Madison Mueller, Alexandra Wasko, Madison Edwards, David Mulder, Natalie Waters, Kaelen Evon, Shane Murphy, Delayne Weston, Mitchell Feehan, Sabrina Norton, Michael Wexter, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kylie O’Connor, Megan Weygandt, Caroline Floyd, Conor O’Hara, Matthew Wintercorn, Brandon Galloway, Thomas O’Kane, Kristin Wojnarowski, Alyssa Gasa, Dario Panici, Danielle Woodman, Sabrina Gerencher, Zak Pavlovich, Cecily Giaquinto, Maximillian Petrungaro, Jordan Young, Trisha Golec, Kyle Pigney, Cesar Zavala, Andrew Gray, Kaila Pohrte, Rachel Zielinski, Austin Griffin, Michael Pratl, Emily Griggs, and Benjamin Zordani. 


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