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What Do You Think of This Route 30 Corridor Plan?

Do you want a quaint look with a downtown mix of stores and restaurants where you can stroll around on foot?

Do you have a vision for what the Route 30 Corridor should like? What should New Lenox offer its community? What should it plan to improve, enhance or develop?

Find the mapping tools for the Route 30 Corridor Implementation Plan and create your own map.

So far 10 people have completed a map and added their comments for the Route 30 Implementation Plan. In this map, entitled "First Impressions are Key," the commenter focused on the west side of Route 30 between Interstate 80 and Prairie Avenue leading into the Metra Train Station parking lot.

The issues raised were eyesores along the route, unproductive space and a problematic intersection. It also highlights the positive aspects of town, such as the Veterans Parkway Campus and the charm of the Old Campground. Finally, there is a wish list for business development and redevelopment possibilities.

Below are some of the commenter's suggestions, and you can view the interactive map of this vision here

  • Intersection-northbound: The intersection off of 30 heading North from 30 is an eyesore.
  • Very odd and unsightly: I can still vividly remember my first impression of New Lenox many years before I even considered moving here. As you exit I-80 and head East down Rte. 30 the train tracks running parallel to 30 are very unsightly. This is the first impression visitors to our community have. It's hard to erase one's first impression, therefore, I propose we could at the very least improve/beautify the stretch of Rte. 30 along the tracks near 80 & 30.
  • A long stretch of nothing: Again, needs softening, beautifying....
  • Veterans Pkwy: The Veterans Parkway is a beautiful entrance to a wonderful community asset. This is an attractive thoroughfare. Can this be carried out on a large scale down Route 30?
  • Eyesore: The area around Ace Hardware is an eyesore. I am not discounting the value of, or appearance of individual small businesses, rather I refer to the appearance of the property as a whole.
  • Route 30 and Vine: Please look at the timing of this light. Many people avoid this intersection because the light takes too long to change for traffic needing to enter Rte. 30.
  • Old Campground Property: Absolutely beautiful-needs to be preserved at all costs.
  • TJ's: Vacant, needs to go.
  • Tacky: 30/Cedar—Used car lot should not be allowed at a key intersection.

For more news and details about the plan, go to the project's website.

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JP November 02, 2012 at 01:35 PM
I like the idea of improving the look of the area along the tracks. Just line it with Austrian Pines or some such tree, and keep it clean. As for a town center, I like that idea as well. The key would be to maintain a well-executed Bus. Rt. / by-pass. There's a lot of folks just passing through, several more when there are issues on I-80.
Phil Zaczek November 02, 2012 at 02:11 PM
Depending on how much space is public between the Metra Tracks and Rte 30, I would like to see a jogging path with landscaping and deciduous trees to hide the tracks. The beautification could be supported by local groups each taking responsibility for a section of the path like Boy Scout Troops, Lions Club...... The Ace Hardware shopping mall is definitely an eyesore and sorely needs updating. I personally frequent many of those businesses, but it could definitely use a facelift. A used car lot isn't necessarily an aberration, but I think raising the standards in zoning laws for appearances need to be held to a higher standard then they are now on Rte 30 since it is the corridor to the first impression of New Lenox.
JB November 02, 2012 at 03:04 PM
I moved to this area 19 years ago, I loved the old town feel. I love towns like Frankfort, St Charles, Geneva, Naperville, you can walk from store to store. It is were people like to come and just walk. We need that again. We need that old town feel.
CT November 03, 2012 at 03:05 PM
I would love to see an area with ma an pa stores that would welcome foot traffic. The commons is a nice area but unfortunately it is hidden (not on a main thoroughfare) and therefor not a desirable location for businesses. If we could extend this idea along Rte 30, it would be an attractive location for business owners an patrons alike!
Ex Beatle November 03, 2012 at 05:53 PM
I believe their are some "old politics" going on in the town. I would love to consider starting a business in town( on 30 ). I believe I would be digging into my pockets way too deep for the coughers in town.... love to do it if someone would state a strong case.... but right now.... "I'm Out"


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