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Village Board Recap: Trailer Ordinance Moving to Public Hearing

After months in committees, the Village Board agreed on trailer and commercial truck parking ordinance.

Residents will get a chance next month to weigh in on a new ordinance the Village Board is considering that would restrict trailer parking on village streets.

The ordinance has been through every committee the village has over the past year, but all in the name of making an acceptable ordinance.

“I’m sorry it took so long to get here, but I would rather approve an ordinance that is good other than approve one and continue to rehash it,” Mayor Tim Balderman said during the board's Monday night meeting.

The new ordinance will restrict commercial trailer parking on and off of village streets. It limits the size of a trailer a resident can have and the amount a resident can have in his or her driveway to 90 inches, or 7 1/2 feet. The ordinance is geared toward dump trucks and other commercial vehicles that residents have complained about over the years. This is an effort to make things clearer, and potentially make the streets safer.

“If there’s a trailer that is blocking the sidewalk, children and pedestrians in general are unsafe if they are forced to walk in the street,” Village Trustee Nancy Dye said.

The Mayor added that any type of vehicle parked on a sidewalk will be cited.

The Village Board also inserted a time limit for semis and other trailers on the street to four hours before they're in violation. The ordinance allows for people to contact New Lenox Police if someone is parked on the street too long.

There will be a public hearing targeted for Feb. 15, but an official announcement with the date and time will be coming on Friday.

Other Items

The board also discussed an ordinance regarding concrete foundations for the building code. The proposed ordinance will address what can be done with insulated concrete foundations.

Board members recognized four students from and high schools for their achievements at the bridge building competition. The students from Central were Charlene Dundek and Blake George. Chelsea Rocha and Alex Studnicka represented West.

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