Village Board Bits: Walmart Makes Donation; Culver's Patio Approved

Get a recap of the Feb. 28 Village Board meeting, which included an updated plan of Route 30 widening and discussion of a driveway parking ordinance.

Village Hall was packed Monday night with volunteers and paid public employees who were recognized by the village for their work during last month's blizzard.

"It was something else," Mayor Tim Baldermann said. "We had so many people who really pulled through here in New Lenox to keep our residents safe. This was some of the greatest teamwork I've seen."

More than 30 people crowded the village chamber and were given plaques afterward. Additionally, Manhattan Fire Chief Dan Forsythe thanked the village for its help when a Manhattan ambulence was stuck in a snow drift trying to take a diabetic patient to Silver Cross Hospital in Joliet.

New Lenox Public Works were able to help clear the path for the ambulance en route to the hospital. "You should be proud of your group," Forsythe said. "I know I am, for going above and beyond your call."

Also at the meeting

Walmart Makes Donation

The New Lenox Walmart made a $10,000 donation toward performing arts in New Lenox. This will go toward paying for the numerous events put on at the Commons. As a recognition for the donation, the village offered Walmart management free tickets to the . But Walmart officials said they'll run some sort of giveaway for the tickets.

Route 30 Update

Officials from the Illinois Department of Transportation gave an update to Village Board members about the progress of widening Route 30 to four lanes. The $72.8 million project was bid at the end of January, and work has already begun clearing the path for work. Officials discussed the plans, timelines and how it will affect the community. For more information, check back to Patch later today.

Culver's Plans Approved

The board approved plans for a Culver's outdoor patio and signage at the fast food restaurant, which is set to open early in April. Culver's doesn't have a liquor license, and the patio would come with other restrictions. Its hours would be limited from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily in the summer and closing at 10 p.m. otherwise. Live music would not be allowed on the patio. For more information on the outlots by Walmart, check back to Patch on Wednesday.

Driveway Parking Discussed

This ordinance would allow trucks to be parked in driveways if they're registered to the homeowner, aren't carrying loads in the back and are less than 90 inches tall.

Also, this is limited to two trucks per driveway, and Mayor Tim Baldermann noted that homeowner associations may be stricter than the village ordinance. Currently, no commercial vehicles are allowed to be parked in driveways. The board read this for the first time and could vote on it at the next meeting.

Tax Rebates Mailed

Village Trustee David Butterfield said tax rebates should be mailed to residents starting this week. Eligible residents may receive a 40 percent rebate on their 2009 property taxes. The village mailed applications last year, and residents had until Dec. 15 to turn them in. Nearly 6,000 rebates were turned in, amounting to about $562,000 in costs to the village, much of which will be given back to taxpayers.

Janice Byrne March 01, 2011 at 04:10 PM
On the driveway parking: Does this prohibit a commercial van or small truck that's in my driveway (not blocking sidewalk, of course,) while it's making a service or sales visit to my home? Janice
Michael Sewall (Editor) March 01, 2011 at 04:25 PM
Hi Janice, Yes, if a vehicle is delivering or receiving goods/merchandise. Obviously it wouldn't be parking there overnight or for extended periods of time, just the time the person is there offering goods/services.
John Petrosky March 01, 2011 at 08:19 PM
My understanding is that there is an exemption for vehicles that are parked to provide service to the homeowner. Furthermore, I believe that there is a 4 hour exemption to load such vehicles (or RVs or boats or the like) if they belong to the homeowner. The intent of this ordinance seems to be more focused on people that store over sized vehicles in their driveway or on the curb in front of their homes overnight and/or over the weekends. In most cases, it would seem that the police would ask questions -- such as how long has the vehicle been in place and for what purpose -- before simply issuing a citation.
Dan March 08, 2011 at 07:09 AM
So a person who has a 7' 6" aka 90" company vehicle that they drive for their job is not allowed to park it at their home unless said vehicle is registered to the homeowner? So the heating and air guy with a ladder rack and one ladder on top of his Chevrolet 1500 work van or a Ford E-Series van can't park it at their home?! A good chunk of the people living in this town work in construction/service industries. If this is true then the village really needs to stop and think. People can't sell their houses. People are barely holding on with their money and gas is going up to $5.00 a gallon. So the guy has to jump in his car or get dropped off at the shop. Come on, worry about the abandoned building in the village circle first. It’s un-anesthetically pleasing.


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