VIDEO: Will County Candidates Say Why They Should Be Elected

Featuring Candidates for Will County elected offices, the Will County Board, state representative and U.S. Congress. Not all candidates participated in the forum.

According to Debbie Hypke, executive director of the New Lenox Chamber of Commerce, offered a video program as a forum for candidates running for office could speak openly about their respective campaigns. 

In Video No. 1:

  • Chamber President Mark Stevens introduced the program and the participating candidates. 

In Video No. 2:

  • Pam McGuire (D) and Marlene Carlson (R)—for Will County Circuit Clerk
  • Karen Stuken (D) and Laurie McPhillips (R)-for Will County Recorder of Deeds.

In Video No. 3:  

  • Renee Kosel (R)—for Illinois House Representative for the 37th District

In Video No. 4:

  • Mike Fricilone (R) and Stephen Balich (R)--for Will County Brd. Dist. 7
  • Catherine Perretta (R)-Will County Brd. Dist. 9
  • Santino Lettieri (D), Margo McDermed (R) and Tom Weigel (R)-for Will County Brd. Dist. 12 
  • New Lenox Township on the Energy Aggregation referendum.

In Video No. 5:

  • Patrick O'Neil (D) and Charles Lyons (R)-for Will County Coroner
  • Larry Walsh (D) and Cory Singer (R)-for Will County Executive

In Video No. 6:

  • James Glasgow (D) and Dave Carlson (R)-for Will County State's Attorney
  • Duffy Blackburn (D) and Mark Batnik (R)-for Will County Auditor

In Video No. 7:

  • Don Peloquin (R)-for U.S. Congress District 1

Watch the pre-recorded videos prepared by New Lenox Community TV.  The videos will also be aired repeatedly on Channel 6 through the Nov. 6 election.

Candidates will appear in order as they are listed on the election ballot. 

To accommodate voters without access to Channel 6, the videos will be uploaded to YouTube.

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