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Stop Sign Nixed for Pine Street and Second Avenue

A proposed stop sign was halted because it could cause traffic backups.

The  on Monday opted to drop plans to put a stop sign at the intersection of Pine Street and Second Ave.

The board had considered the idea, but the streets are too narrow. At the same time, Trustee Annette Bowden pointed out that a stop sign would have a negative impact on the homeowners in that area.

She was concerned that they wouldn't be able to get out their driveways during the peak hours when crowds move into to attend mass at on Saturday night and Sunday.

Village Engineer Will Nash and Police Chief Bob Sterba agreed that a stop sign wasn't warranted. "It could create more of an issued than we had before," added Nash.

Old annexation agreement enacted

Robin Ellis, the director of community development for the village, updated the board on the state of the Old Plank Trail Industrial Park on the est side of Schoolhouse Road just south of Old Plank Trail.

About eight years ago, when the industrial park was opened, the developer agreed that it should be annexed to the village once the property becomes continguous. As the industrial park has filled in with occupants, it is now within the boundaries of the village.

At the moment, six of the occupants have said they do not want to be annexed; however, Ellis said, "we can forcibly annex all but one."

Sidewalk repair equipment purchased

In an attempt to maintain the sidewalks throughout the village, the board voted to purchase a mudjacker for $30,000. The mudjacker is used to support sunken sidewalks by filling it in with a gravel and sand mixture.  

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Kim August 01, 2012 at 08:32 PM
Where can residents petition for a stop sign? There should be one at Joliet Hwy and Cedar, that intersection is terrible. I live right by there and see problems almost every day.
hlh November 27, 2012 at 09:32 PM
From what I have heard, there have to be a certain number of *fatalities* before stop signs are put in. I agree with you, though, Kim - there needs to be a 4-way stop, or a light at that intersection!
john taxpayer November 30, 2012 at 02:10 AM
what a ripoff.. thanks for nothing New Lenox...except making my taxes go up.. more money for schools you dont need and police stations that are over the top. woo hoo......


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