Obama's 'Fix it First' Program Would Mend 'Deficient' Palos Area Bridges

In his 2013 State of the Union Address Tuesday, President Barack Obama touched on immigration policy, gun control and the economy, among other national issues. In terms of infrastructure, he proposed a "Fix it First" plan could impact the Palo

President Barack Obama proposed Tuesday night what he called a "Fix It First" program to address the nation's crumbling infrastructure—like roads and bridges—in an effort to improve citizens' quality of life and bring jobs to the United States.

"I propose a 'Fix-It-First' program to put people to work as soon as possible on our most urgent repairs, like the nearly 70,000 structurally deficient bridges across the country," he said during the State of the Union Address.

"And to make sure taxpayers don’t shoulder the whole burden, I’m also proposing a Partnership to Rebuild America that attracts private capital to upgrade what our businesses need most—modern ports to move goods; modern pipelines to withstand a storm; modern schools worthy of our children."

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Three of the bridges labeled as structurally deficient that Obama referred to are near the Palos area, according to Transportation for America. The organization's campaign says coordinators are "eager to reform how we spend transportation dollars at the federal, state and local level to create a safer, cleaner and smarter transportation system that works for everyone."

Two bridges identified by the Transportation for America website underwent work in 2012. Both are northwest of Palos Park in Cook County.

The bridge over Mill Creek at Route 83 opened in November after two months of work. The 119th Street bridge, which also runs over Mill Creek, went through a repair and replacement work over the summer, a project that was estimated to cost $1.3 million, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation.

See the accompanying map for a look at other deficient bridges, which are indicated in red.

A third structurally deficient bridge found near the Palos area is in Chicago Ridge.

Overall, Illinois ranks 35th in the country when it comes to inadequate bridges with about 8.5 percent of all its bridges rated as such.

That may change if Obama has anything to say about it.

"Let’s prove that there is no better place to do business than the United States of America," he said Tuesday. "And let’s start right away."

Carrie Frillman contributed to this report.

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Bob February 14, 2013 at 01:39 PM
Nick, why on earth would you give press coverage for such a disreputable source as President Obama? His data and information is outdated and unreliable, and his only agenda is getting as many tax dollars spent on frivolous transportation and environmental projects as possible.........LOL Seriously, this was no case of objective journalism in the original story. It was pretty clearly a political promotion piece where the author didn't care about the facts or accuracy of what they were presenting as "facts". I'd expect that from MSM regarding Obama, but I expect a bit better from the PATCH ....THE most authoritiative outlet for local news in the Southland!
Chronicles of Bob February 14, 2013 at 02:19 PM
I'm leaning towards, tha you did not vote for President Obama. Thank God you met him in 2002 and learned all you needed to know about him. What a informed voter you are. I wish everyone knew everything about everything like you Bob. How great this country would still be like it was in the past. To bad the country iis filled with so many idiots. Otherwise the President wouldn't have won his second election is landslide fashion... Damn immigrants...
Chronicles of Bob February 14, 2013 at 02:21 PM
Bob, Thanks for letting us know all about fracking, the education system, women's rights, cathodic production and now how to be a better journalist. The Patch would be lost with-out you.
Bob February 14, 2013 at 06:45 PM
Actually, COB, immigration has raised the IQ of the US overall, so they're not the problem. Ever seen the prophetic movie by Mike Judge, "Idiocracy? I think that Mike pretty well nailed what's happening to America with his usual slyness. Obviously, I learned a LOT about Barry after I met him. It's really tough to judge a persons' character and intelligence, however, until you've looked them in the eye. FYI, in addition to repeating the mistake of electing BO a second time, "American Idol", a show which teaches nothing, is plotless and has no redeeming intellectual value, is the most watched TV program. When Obama and Idol are the people's choices, "Idiocracy" here we come!
Bob February 14, 2013 at 06:49 PM
You're very welcome, COB!LOL BTW it's "cathodic protection" not production. I just thought that betwee cutest couples contests, cartoons, and HS MVP voting, facts, a few reasoned and well thought out discussions might be of value here.


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