New Lenox Village Board Moves to Annex Industrial Park Hold-Outs

Forced annexation proceedings initiated by the village acts to absorb a handful of property owners opposed to joining the municipality.

Village Board members agree Monday to take action to annex the six remaining hold-outs at Plank Trail Industrial Center.

, updated the board on the state of the Plank Trail Industrial Center on the west side of Schoolhouse Road just south of Old Plank Trail.

About eight years ago, when the industrial park was opened, the developer agreed that it should be annexed to the village once the property becomes contiguous. As the industrial park has filled in with occupants, it is now within the boundaries of the village.

The six parcels, referred to as lots 11, 12, 31, 32, 33 and 37 are now completely surrounded by the village. This gives the municipality legal authority to annex those properties too, said Ellis.

The reason for annexation is to provide consistency in services, she said. It's not done as a land-grab.

Leaf collection campaign winds down on Nov. 30

The debut year of the Leaf Collection Program is winding down. The last pickup is scheduled for Nov. 30, said Kurt Carroll, village administrator.

For the past two months, the village dispatched two leaf vacuum trucks Monday-Thursday. Each week the trucks would begin on the north side of town and spread out from there.

Fence variance to accommodate mansion on Gougar Road

The builder of a mansion-sized home in the 18100 block of S. Gougar Road received the village board's nod of approval for a variance to the fence ordinance. He plans to construct a 6-foot stone fence around the front of the property with an 18-foot high rod iron gate. The ordinance normally limits front yard fences to 3-feet tall. 

Board members, however, considered the variance as a way to accommodate the site. Trustee Nancy Dye said she had driven past the home and believed the variance would appropriately suit the home.

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john taxpayer November 30, 2012 at 02:12 AM
what a ripoff.. thanks for nothing New Lenox...except making my taxes go up.. more money for schools you dont need and police stations that are over the top. woo hoo......
Ron Jeremy December 13, 2012 at 04:07 PM
The reason for annexation is to provide consistency in services What service is the village providing these empty lots?


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