Health and Safety Fair Features Community Emergency Response Teams

Overall health and safety awareness ties works toward building a thriving community.

As Hurricane Isaac's 12-foot wave surges crashed the shores last week of Florida, Mississippi and Alabama,were on-hand to help residents in Florida, Mississippi and Alabama.

It is precisely this type of circumstance that demands CERT staff to be at the ready to respond, said for the . The multiple services and assortment of equipment that CERT is prepared to offer residents at a moment's notice are scheduled to be on display throughout the day on Sept. 8 at the campus.

The CERT preparedness program is one part of the as it collaborates with the total outreach program. The Health and Safety Fair is all about preparedness and awareness of the types of programs that keep the community safe, he said.

While it is anticipated that the kids would enjoy a tour through the $1.2 million along with the snorkel truck, the fair is planned to provide a holistic entrée of healthy activities. It's not just about emergency responders; however, they are critical when natural disaster strikes. Martin said he has brought together experts to discuss and demonstrate healthy lifestyles.

A advisor is slated to discuss safety issues as they pertain to railroad crossings, and Martin has secured a Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) and bomb squad demonstration.

A member of the is slated to talk about creating an emergency plan at the family level, and Caryn DeMarco of the . Program has a presentation to delight small children about when they should call 911 for help.

In addition, the day is packed with both fun activities and educational seminars, he said. Health and safety means proper nutrition, fitness, and environmental savvy. Victoria Jones from is anticipated to get participants moving and exercising to ZUMBA dances, yoga, muscle fitness and turbo kickboxing. Later on, Virgil Kemp of is among the list of presenters; he'll be speaking about environmental stewardship and how an empty plastic milk container can damage the environment and ultimately disturb the ecosystem.

Nancy Kuhajda, a representative from the University of Illinois Extension Office, plans to share her expertise on water conservation and rain barrels.  And Martin has gotten the green light from the U of I Extension Office to prepare a spot to introduce worm composting/vermicomposting.

Will County's Wyn Hyzer is planning to discuss effective recycling methods.   

A representative from the Illinois Secretary of State's Office plans to discuss the organ donation program, while Brett Bartlett will be on-hand to offer insights about plans for launching a community vegetable garden to benefit the food pantries. Katie Christopherson, a staff member at , is set to address the issues of emergency care and rescue of an injured athlete.

As part of the overall ShareFest 2012 program, Martin said he looks forward to getting the community involved in overall health and safety.


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