Frankfort Resident to Village Board: Dominick's Shopping Center a 'War Zone'

A resident spoke out at Monday night's Frankfort Village Board meeting and asked what's going to fill vacant businesses.

Credit: AFP/Getty Images
Credit: AFP/Getty Images
A Frankfort resident vented his frustration with vacant businesses at Monday night's village board meeting, calling the shopping center home of the soon-to-be closed Dominick's a "war zone."

"War zone in the sense that all of those stores are closing," said Guy Bentivenga of Crystal Lake Way.

Bentivenga said the vacant stores in the shopping center are a "black eye" for Frankfort and asked Mayor Jim Holland what village leaders were going to do to fill the buildings with new businesses.

"Certainly the board's plan is to have every space in Frankfort filled up," Holland said, adding that there's only so much the government can do.

"It's up to the free market system," the mayor said.

Holland also told of the village luring Mariano's supermarket into town and how the process took time.

"That was a great success story," he said.

"We certainly want to take an active role in bringing businesses to Frankfort but it's still a free market system," said Holland, asking Bentivenga if he was satisfied with his explanation.

"Not exactly," Bentivenga said. "I was hoping for something more specific."

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Nicole Erin December 17, 2013 at 07:36 PM
War zone? Can we say first world problems?
Joe McWillson December 17, 2013 at 08:20 PM
at least Frankfort has pride and a standard for quality to uphold. When New Lenox wanted retail, we got a WalMart, a Cash for Gold and a Goodwill. Wait until you get something of quality instead of the trashy stores we have. I already do my grocery shopping at Mariano's in Frankfurt and I refuse to shop at a WalMart because of the way they treat their employees.


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