Workplace Hazards: Weird Crime 2012

Double-fisted spooning doesn't cut it • Big breakfast surprise at McDonald's • What, doesn't everyone doodle at work? ... Weird Crime of the Southland 2012.

Woman Brings Spoons to a Knife Fight: A woman cutting pork chops in the meat department in September at Sam's Club in Tinley Park was confronted by another woman wielding a pair of large spoons. Daniela Griffin, 24, said she was so afraid of being hit by a spoon she raised her hands and "accidentally" cut the other woman's nose with her pork-chop knife. Police charged Griffin with reckless conduct. On Tinley Park Patch

A Sharp Start to the Morning: A McDonald's customer in Oak Forest returned home with a Big Breakfast and she got a big surprise, discovering a razor blade beneath her scrambled eggs in April. The woman notified police, who said the manager of the restaurant told police razors are used to "clean tight corners" on their equipment. On Oak Forest Patch

 Stick It to the Man: A woman fired from her job in Tinley Park in July apparently spent a portion of her time drawing stick figures on documents she left behind on the office computer. "The female stick figure shows the killing or hurting of the other stick figures with a rifle, sword and breasts," according to a report filed with police. "The stick figure drawings in the files show four figures representing (the terminated employee) having interaction with two department employees and her boyfriend, who also works at (the business). The (woman's) stick figure kills or hurts other stick figures in the drawings which represent other employees." Managers said the former employee once fought with another employee at the annual company Christmas party. Tinley Park Patch

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Tinley Park 4 January 01, 2013 at 02:02 AM
Ok, the last one... The stuck figure freak show... What business is that... Don't apply there!


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