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Scripture-Spouting Killer Gets 50 Years For New Lenox Man's Murder

The judge called the murder of Dwight Jones a "senseless, heartless, brutal act."

Rodney Julun. Credit: Will County Sheriff's Department
Rodney Julun. Credit: Will County Sheriff's Department
After he was found guilty of a New Lenox man's murder, Rodney Julun turned to the dead man's friends and family and said, "Just like it says in the Bible, if ya'll so perfect and y'all done nothing wrong, then y'all throw the first stone."

Will County Judge Daniel Rozak didn't throw any stones at Julun but apparently felt adequate enough to hit him with a 50-year prison sentence.

"This was such a senseless, heartless, brutal act," Judge Rozak said Friday before sentencing Julun.

Julun, 25, beat 59-year-old Dwight Jones to death with a lamp in June 2011. Jones had picked Julun up off the street in Chicago and brought him back to his New Lenox home.

Julun stole Jones' car, cash, cell phone and other valuables. Then returned the next day with two other men—John White, 23 and David Reed, 25—to do even more stealing. White and Reed pleaded guilty to residential burglary in 2012. White was sentenced to six years in prison and Reed got four.

Besides loosely paraphrasing the bible, Julun spent his April 1 sentencing hearing explaining why he was not actually to blame for killing Jones. On Friday, Rozak read from a transcript of the hearing and used Julun's words against him as he broke down how he arrived at the 50-year sentence.

"He takes responsibility for absolutely nothing," the judge said of Julun, who claimed he killed Jones after the older man sexually assaulted him.

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local guy April 26, 2014 at 10:06 AM
They are gonna throw a few stones in the can Rodney! Quote some scripture to some of your new buddies, I'm sure it will pacify them.
NonShalantAllDay April 26, 2014 at 04:18 PM
50 years, so he'll get out of jail in 10. Way to go Will County. Keep letting us know that it's perfectly acceptable to kill somebody.


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