Over 70 Percent of Evergreen Park Traffic Stops Involve Minorities

The Evergreen Park Police Department released statistics about minority traffic stops in response to recent media coverage.

Traffic stop numbers released by Evergreen Park Police Chief Michael Saunders show that in 2010 73 percent of people stopped were minorities. 

Saunders released the statistics and an explanatory statement in response to a recent report by Fox 32 and the Better Government Association. The report cited a number of minority drivers recently stopped in Evergreen Park who believe racial profiling was the motivating factor.

Saunders countered that while the number of minorities stopped in the village continues to rise, the increase can be attributed to "traffic flow of non-residents, particularly Chicago residents (63.9 percent) through Evergreen Park's main traffic arteries."

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An Illinois Department of Transportation review gave the village a benchmark number of 62.7 percent for minority drivers in 2004. Saunders counters that this number no longer accurately reflects real driving numbers as shopping and employment opportunities have expanded since the benchmark was instituted. 

Fox 32 spoke with an expert on racial profiling at the University of Chicago . This is the reaction he had: 

"The data shows some real red flags," Craig Futterman said. "At a time when racial profiling seems to be getting better in Illinois as a result of this law, at least the recent data and the trend in Evergreen Park is that there are a greater number of stops and a greater percentage of minority stops, which stands out."

In a prepared statement Saunders says that his department's enforcement measures have kept the number of repeated violent crimes low and made Evergreen Park and the communities that surround it safe to shop in and travel through. 

"The Evergreen Park Police Department commits itself to the safety and high quality of life for all people that reside, travel work and shop in this community regardless of race or gender," Saunders said. 

Saunders further adds that moving radar and stationary units detect speeders before the identity of drivers can be detected. He says his department's methods have resulted in more drivers with suspended licenses, active warrants, illegal drugs off the street and have multiplied the instances of recovered weapons. 

While 73 percent of traffic stops were of minorities in 2010, the percentages for 2009 and 2008 were 71.35 percent and 71.08 percent, respectively. 

Watch Fox's story: Drivers accuse Evergreen Park of racial profiling

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LifeIsGood February 20, 2013 at 07:12 PM
I am so glad to see that the majority of comments are in support of EP. My husband and I both grew up in Beverly and knew long ago that you had to watch your speed when going through EP. Fox News is a joke. It's a typical example of comparing statistics incorrectly. Perhaps if reporters ever took a statistics class, they would know what facts need to be included, and when NOT to compare apples to oranges. Thank you to "Have to comment" above. You are a realist. I see a lot of wonderful friendships and working relationships with us "white people" and "minorites" in EP ... We are all people! Let's all stop worrying about color and culture. Embrace it. Learn about it. Then choose your friends. FOX News, get out of EP. We have some great things going on in this area and are very proud.
The Quiet Man February 20, 2013 at 08:16 PM
95th is THE major street for people going from the southeast side to the southwest side. Take a look at the crime reports they are being stopped for speeding,no plates,plates expired no turn signal & so on. If you know there is a good chance you will be stopped if your in violation of the law.....and continue to do so, well then suffer the consequences...
Nana February 25, 2013 at 05:56 PM
Evergreen Park Police and Fire are the best! They actually DO SERVE AND PROTECT! They are looking out for the citizens who abide by the law. A couple of weeks ago some idiot decided 30mph wasn't enough, so he zooms in the parking lane on the right of 3 lanes, and then smashed into the curb and then flew into some poor lady exiting the car wash, who in turn hits another car and sends it into Bleekers wall. So its part of this bs racial profiling because he was of color? give me a break. Try crossing 95th street and also sit near Pete's and watch the Chicago jerks flying down 95th (I can see the city sticker) and they also pull out in front of traffic with no regard to laws. I'm sick of these idiots claiming racial profiling when its just a fact!! Remember they used to say the same crap about Hometown Police. and Fox 32?? LMBO!! pathetic!
evergreenlove13 February 26, 2013 at 04:26 AM
I second your comment. The Mayor bashing is getting very old and annoying.
evergreenlove13 February 26, 2013 at 04:33 AM
Please let us know what business you own so that we could decide if we want to support your business or not. As for me, I would choose "not" so please tell us, I would hate to waste any of my hard earned money on someone like yourself.


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