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New Lenox Police Don't Want Your Money

The New Lenox Police Department wants the public to know it is not soliciting funds. Residents are asked to be wary of any phone calls asking for donations on the department's behalf.

Credit: Getty
Credit: Getty

From the New Lenox Police Department:

Many residents and business owners may be receiving solicitation phone calls asking for a financial donation to, what they interpret to be, the New Lenox Police Department.

When these solicitors call, please listen carefully to the caller. The New Lenox Police Department does not solicit monetary donations. Any donations made will not benefit the operations of the New Lenox Police Department. Operations for the Police Department are funded through tax dollars.

The union representing the sergeants of the New Lenox Police Department, the Metropolitan Alliance of Police, will be making these solicitation calls. Any donation will go to that union. Additionally, any donation made will not have an effect, either positive or negative, on the service delivery of the New Lenox Police Department.

The union is allowed to solicit for funds and must legally represent themselves during the phone conversation. However, many residents and business owners have voiced confusion and concern over these calls in the past.

If you receive a call and are confused, ask the caller what a donation would fund and what organization would receive it. Anyone with questions or concerns should contact Deputy Chief April DiSandro at the New Lenox Police Department at 815-462-6100. 

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