New Lenox Man Allegedly Puts Unwitting Girlfriend's Sex Tape on Web, Jailed on Obscenity & Other Charges

The Crete girlfriend of New Lenox resident Matthew Schwertfeger said she was not even aware he possessed the sex tape he allegedly posted to the Internet.

Matthew Schwertfeger. Credit: Will County Sheriff's Department
Matthew Schwertfeger. Credit: Will County Sheriff's Department
A week after a Crete woman told the New Lenox police her boyfriend posted their sex tape online, he was arrested and carted off to the county jail.

Matthew Schwertfeger, 28, of New Lenox was taken into custody Friday on charges of stalking, obscenity, intimidation, possession of a controlled substance and possession of cannabis.

Two days before Schwertfeger's arrest, a woman identifying herself as his girlfriend sought a protective order against him and told of his allegedly posting their sex tape.

"Matthew posted on the Internet video of Matthew and myself having sex," Ashley Lewis, 22, wrote in her petition for the protective order.

"I did not know he had such a tape," Lewis wrote. "He also posted personal information about me."

Lewis said she informed the police about the tape on Jan. 24. She also detailed an alleged August incident involving Schwertfeger.

"Matthew came to my house at night, kicked in a window trying to get into the house and kicked my car, putting a dent into it," Lewis wrote. "I called the police and Matthew left before the police got to my house. It had been a year since I broke up with him."

Lewis went on to describe how she lives in fear of Schwertfeger.

"I am afraid of Matthew because of his temper," she wrote in her petition. "With me pressing charges against him I know he will be angry and I fear he will come after me. I am afraid he will come back to my job. I fear for my safety."

Lewis also wrote she now plans to change her name.

The New Lenox police did not immediately respond to an inquiry about the case.

In her petition, Lewis wrote that Schwertfeger lives on Churchill Drive but jail records list his address as a residence on Nelson Road.

The New Lenox police once arrested both Schwertfeger and Lewis together after an alleged scuffle over another woman. Schwertfeger was charged with battery and resisting arrest in connection with the November 2011 incident. Lewis was charged with battery and criminal property damage.

Lewis had shown up with a friend at Schwertfeger's place to confront him about the other woman, police said at the time. She reportedly arrived in time to find him in a car with the third side of the apparent love triangle.

Schwertfeger allegedly grabbed Lewis's friend's hair and repeatedly punched her in the face. Lewis countered by yanking the hair of the woman in the car and punching her, according to police. She also allegedly managed to damage an arm rest in the car.

Prosecutors eventually dropped the charges against both Schwertfeger and Lewis.

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Flora Dora February 03, 2014 at 09:23 AM
I think they deserve each other
Tony February 04, 2014 at 08:35 PM
I think Lewis needs a beat down...I can't stand wormy lil scumbags that get off on knockn around women. What a pos...that's right Lewis. You are a POS lil scumbag...
Granny Gruntz February 05, 2014 at 04:55 PM
*Neither the male and the female, referenced in the article, sound like they are of "sterling character - AND are very "bright". *Once a photograph or video is posted online - IT IS THERE FOREVER!!!! *"DELETING" does NOT delete! *Even politicians do not seem to understand that FACT! *Once you "post" - it is there for the WHOLE WORLD TO VIEW! *FOLKS, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!
Matthew Ryan February 12, 2014 at 07:21 PM
First off, Tony you're a fucking idiot. Lewis was the female and Schwertfeger, ME, was the man in the case. Learn to read you idiot. You don't know the facts of the case nor anything about either of us. You obviously have no life other than reading the Patch, where this asshole Posey writes whatever twisted story he can besides the facts and the truth. Obviously all charges were dropped in the previous case because it was bullshit. Second off, Granny Cuntz, you as well know nothing about me or my intelligence. I graduated top of my class in college with a 4.0 gpa, Phi Theta Kappa. Also, all these charges are bullshit "revenge porn" charges which isn't even a law right now, although they are trying to pass it through as we speak. So technically you can say I was grandfathered in. You need to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, where did it say anywhere in this article about deleting anything or anyone wanting anything deleted??? You all look like fools adding your two cents in when you have no idea about the facts or details in any case. Get a fucking life!!!
Tony February 13, 2014 at 01:39 AM
I'm the idiot/fools and you're arrested for a & b, drugs and porn peddling charges ? You're just another criminal that's not guilty...there are prisons full of "not guilties". Those charges look nice on a resume too! If only I could be smart as you...stay in the system...with your smarts I'm sure you will...and keep sending loads of your or your mommy and daddy's cash to attorneys and court costs...smart guy
Matthew Ryan February 13, 2014 at 05:07 PM
Haha you are seriously a fucking idiot with no life bro. A) It wasn't "porn peddling" B) My resume looks just fine the way it is and C) I haven't lived with mommy or daddy in well over ten years nor have I needed or asked for any financial help from them. I have 2 jobs and support myself buddy. I was gonna go as low as saying your probably just mad that I didn't make this porn with your daughter but then again you have no life other than commenting your two cents on the patch which equals you having no girlfriend/wife so which means you have prolly never gotten laid, therefore you wouldn't have a daughter for me to film. You're just another low life yourself that thinks you know everything and are better than everyone when in reality your just hiding behind your avatar and computer uploading child pornography of your own. It's only a matter of time until you're labeled a "criminal" just like me :)
Tony February 14, 2014 at 07:43 AM
You ARE a sick fk and your rant sounds like a hyperventilating 8th grader. Enjoy the system cuz you are in it. Arrest records don't vanish. A porn peddling abusive stalker that puffs weed. Have a nice life and time explaining that mouthful to prospective employers after they run a background check smart guy. Above all...keep bangn the chicks studly!
Matthew Ryan February 14, 2014 at 12:43 PM
Get a job and a life bro. Possibly even a girlfriend once again. Nothing better to do at 7am but to run your cocksucking mouth. I love the system because it's so fucked up that there's loopholes every corner and it's sooo easy to beat. You know nothing about me man, just what Posey rants about in these articles. No idea who the fuck I am or what the scenario really is. I have no problem whatsoever getting a job, shit I have 2 now "smart guy." Plus EOE gets tax breaks for hiring me, so I'm one up already. I don't even know why im wasting my time with your lame no life, loser, lonely ass. All that shit talking "Tony" you know who I am and where I'm at you fucking scary ass coward. Wish you would talk this shit or half the shit I've seen you post on these patches to someone's face. You'd get made an example of quick you fucking pussy. Now im a take off and enjoy valentines day with my beautiful woman while you jerk it to men's mugshots all day :)
Tony February 15, 2014 at 02:58 AM
Youre charged with A & b on a woman, porn peddling and stalking an x girlfriend and I'm the "scary ass coward"? Your punk threats, adolescent insults, and need to over explain yourself tells me you're guilty of all "dropped charges" and a narcissistic scumbag. What else would keep year old sex tapes and post them after getting kicked to the curb as retribution you worm. I'm sure the parents of any woman would be comfortable with a looney tune wack job like you around their daughter. It's sick delusional fks like you walkn around creating another reason to uphold the 2nd amendment and CC in all states. Now get on with your low life scumbag existence along with all the other blights on society that think they are workn the system. Homie trash!
Matthew Ryan February 15, 2014 at 12:34 PM
Haha once again buddy it wasn't peddling, so get your facts straight. Yes you are a scary ass coward who talks shit about shit you have no idea about. I'm not guilty of shit. You want to talk amendments, you know the law, what about "innocent until proven guilty?" But you're absolutely right, I have no reason explaining myself to lonely old gay man sitting at his computer all day talking shit to "criminals" while beating off to mugshots because he was bullied all his life. I'm not whats wrong with society, people like you are! People that jump to conclusions and stereotype, people that are racist and hate certain types of people for no reason at all. You have no idea what's going on in every situation for every person and you seriously need a life other than the patch homie.
Tony February 15, 2014 at 05:03 PM
I think your projecting. Keep referring to gay, pounding off to porn And getting your ass kicked growing up. Keep your nose clean and your legal bills will diminish, maybe you could afford some profl guidance to sort things out in that wacked out angry noggin of yours On behalf of respectable hard working young american professionals contributing to society, I'm signing off...my work is done here. Another asshole called Out for their stupidity and lack of moral fibre. Remember, treat women like gold and be a real man at all times ya hoodrat wannabe
Matthew Ryan February 28, 2014 at 03:59 PM
Your work here is done? Haha is this your duty? To run off at the finger tips acting like you know everything yet you have no clue wtf is going on. You must be trying to run from your own problems by pointing fingers at others. Yeah that def makes sense. I get it now. Nothing hoodrat wanting or stupid here with a 4.0 gpa and a college degree buddy, who also contributes to society with my two jobs. Also I agree, treat women like gold but whores like trash. Take care bud and good luck with your "Patch duty."


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