Joliet, Feds Bust Drug Dealers, Seize Coke, Heroin, Cash

"Operation Red Baron" centered on drugs allegedly being sold out of a store called Supermercado Joliet at Cass and Collins streets, reports say.

Joliet police, working with the FBI and U.S. Attorney's Office, took down 10 drug dealers and confiscated more than 16 pounds of heroin, nearly 7 pounds of cocaine and $232,000, Joliet Police Chief Michael Trafton said Monday.

The investigation, dubbed "Operation Red Baron," resulted in the arrest of two Joliet men and the indictment of five others. The remaining three defendants hail from Ohio, Trafton said in a news release.

The arrests were made by FBI special agents and members of Joliet's narcotics unit, and face federal drug charges filed in U.S. District Court in Chicago, the release said.

"These arrests should considerably reduce the illegal narcotics distribution in the city of Joliet as well as surrounding communities," Trafton said in the release.

The ring was reportedly being run out of the Supermercado Joliet, a small market located at 379 Cass St. and owned by Ramiro Sanchez, 54, according to a story published by the Chicago Tribune, which reviewed recently unsealed federal documents filed in Chicago.

The Joliet Metropolitan Narcotics Squad is credited with the arrest of Sanchez and Mario Magana, 33, both of Joliet.

The investigation began in September 2011, when an informant started assisting Joliet police, the Trib story. The department, working with the FBI, orchestrated several drug buys through the informant, the story said.

Sanchez was identified as one of the area's top drug dealers, and that the heroin and cocaine seized has a street value in the millions, the Tribune said.

The first two busts led to the eventual indictments of Victor Lemus, 37, Jesus Gonzalez Zambrano, 42, Ismael Garibay, 39, Miguel Lopez, 47, and Jerry Hervey, 34, all of Joliet.

Also charged were Antione Matthews, 36, Lamar Egler, 33, and Lewis Hall, 38, all from the Cleveland area.



John Roberts January 21, 2013 at 06:17 PM
And what do the kids,people do when they can not get heroin?..they go to the hospital and get Suboxin and methadone and become Methadonians....and shoot up Suboxin,vicodin,OxyCodone,OxyContin....then there is always the bath salts,my cousin told me $10 worth of bath salt is like having $1000 in crack...all of this promotes and makes pharma companies and makers of products rich and your kids and family using more chemicals...heroin has been around and will always be no matter the busts..the more the busts the more the product goes up and the more it causes people to do drastic things to get it..not to mention when a bag of heroin becomes worth a million then it become more worth it to people to smuggle the drug..one time shot and walk out with a mill...how many people you think are going to be smuggling..I always said when coke is worth a mill you have to watch the pope..and low and behold were getting close..there were just some preachers caught in a drug ring.lmao...but we can ignore reality and cause some more chaos which intern allows the government to attack our 2 Ammendment rights because some drug addict shot some one trying to get even more money for the drug he is going to get even if he has to shot someone.and what's he going to do when sent to prison?.more heroin.users and dealers locked up in max sec prisons and still can not keep drugs out of them or away from people at that..but we can waste all of our money on it and have more restrictions passed against us.
John Roberts January 21, 2013 at 06:29 PM
Here is the reality of this "drug war" ..Last night at 7/11 on Briggs street and cass..about 7:30 pm.there were 5 cops in the store..cars parked outside..now there all standing in a group.as I stand there the 2 guys in front of me ask for "strawberry blunts"lmao.and even said it loud as hell lol.now by the time I got out to the car the guys were already dumping out the tobacco in the blunt.ummm,..lmao.parked one car from the cop car and in reality about 15 feet from the officers.and you can guess why they tobacco is being dumped out.and what it got filled with..Reality is there is no end to drugs usage no matter if you made a life sentence for it.Words of our founding father George Washington."The best way to repeal a law is to strictly enforce it".Time has come Countries around the globe have sat down and realized that through regulation heroine,cocaine,meth,is all cleaner than street made back room hurry hurry set up.that hurry hurry is what makes bad heroine..just like the cocaine the CDC put a report on saying the cocaine was eating parts of the body and turning it black..making it rot.this happens according to the CDC. When the Lidocaine is not mixed right.in regulated facilities where regulated everything is made in a cleaner form,less home invasions almost all for profit and not drugs,drug deaths have decreased,heroin is considered a low level drug and hardly ever used as much as before when illegal,.Time to rethink things 40 years of a violent drug war is not working
John Roberts January 21, 2013 at 06:47 PM
Decriminilzation of drugs is this...The state and cities realized that through a municipal fine the money goes to the county city from which it was issued,in turn keeping the money local..when a person is taken to jail and charged for breaking a federal drug crime all the money goes to the federal government..so the state,city,county loses money for the prosecution,housing,and keeping track of the individual when released on parole...all money we now see is wasted,..What did MSNBC,CNN show people? 3 million a day to look for marijuana and coming up with mostly 4 to 5 plants only a couple hundred worth of pot.lolwasted money..drug deaths have decreased in countries that have regulated drugs,..Just because you regulate drugs does not mean people will just go out and do drugs...you have to ask yourself the real question.would you go do drugs just because they were legal?..generations of people still do drugs..not just one generation and as we can see the reality of it is causing more drugs to be invented,all while the pharma companies recreate the effects of the natural drugs to sell to people to help with their pain and in turn what happens? They go to heroine,meth when the prescriptions run out but not to worry after your heroin binge you can go get some methadone,Suboxin to be hooked on..lol...stop selling K2 in stores and marijuana use jumps up,..and around and round we go..all profit for justice system and thoes who work for it.lol
Sryan February 13, 2013 at 10:40 PM
Its disgusting to see all the racism this simple topic have provoked. It seems the only person who has any understanding of economical drug regulation and prohibition is John R. Every comment that has been posted here seems to refer only to hatred of our brothers and sisters simply reasoning to skin color, living situation, or location of birth. When the topic is changed in a way not relating to the subject. It shows not only a lack of confidence in ones self but an narrow-minded view on an important political topic. Although the choice of the supposed "drug dealer" was wrong, so is the decision to judge your neighbor and even more the recipient of the "narcotic". When we pin point drug users we must also take a gander at our own habits. How many of you commenting smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol? Your putting your health in danger by consuming harmful carcinogens and by product toxins. You honestly think your a better person because it legal? It's your choice to danger yourself by consuming these toxins legally, the ideals should resemble the same to the drug user. So don't judge those because your misinformed, but except that our Controlled Substance Acts should be reconsidered because alcohol and tobacco are just the same if not worse. Don't try to justify what you are aware, is wrong...
xochitl citlalli February 18, 2013 at 07:42 PM
hola don ramiro como a estado soy xochitl hija de su compadre alberto le mando un saludo y espero se encuetre bien le manda saludos su haijado karol y todos por aca del rancho cuidese


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