If You Thought The Son From Last Week Was Bad: Court Supervision

A Joliet man was charged with the brutal murder of his mother, and there was plenty more going on as well.

It was bad enough last week when a Cook County man appeared in court for allegedly . But now this week we have a Joliet man who allegedly .

The body of Jeanie Parker, 54, remains missing as fire department divers brave the depths of the Des Plaines and police officers scour the river bank. Parker's son, Charles McCullum, 21, has been charged with her murder and is being held on a $5 million bond.

Also in court this week, there was:

  • A trial date set for Bolingbrook resident George Smith, who allegedly attempted to kidnap an 11-year-old girl.
  • A man charged with the 2009 murder of his uncle in New Lenox Township appearing in court.
  • Yet another lawsuit filed against Frankfort pediatrician Kishor Jain, this time by the mother of a girl allegedly molested by the doctor.
  • A West Virginia man suing the Hilton Garden Inn in Tinley Park. The man claims employees of the hotel should have stopped a drunk before he knocked on his door and attacked him after he answered.
  • A woman suing Chicagoland Speedway. She claims the speedway is at fault for a falling flagpole that broke her back.
  • A Lakemoor man being found psychologically unfit to stand trial for the murder of his sister in Naperville.
  • A possible plea deal in the works for a Romeoville man who allegedly bashed his wife's head with a hammer just before she had a heart attack and died.

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john March 24, 2013 at 10:08 PM
Music and movies do play a big part in violents when u got weak minded people
Karen March 24, 2013 at 10:32 PM
People come on here and call each other horrible names, say horrible things, etc. you are what's wrong with the world today. Teach by example.
Flo ride March 24, 2013 at 10:48 PM
Fo shizzel my nizzel
Ann Piasecki March 24, 2013 at 11:00 PM
I just deleted some comments above that either attacked an individual or violated Patch policy on vulgarity. Ann
ssssskip March 25, 2013 at 12:34 AM
Yu may have put aside to the back of your mind and claused "its not our fault" there is a single mother here. You "Mom" are at fault for all of this!!!
Lauren Traut (Editor) March 25, 2013 at 01:28 AM
Hi, Pattyann! The "delete" button is an option for you to delete your own comment. Hope this helps! Lauren Traut Associate Regional Editor
Karen March 25, 2013 at 01:38 AM
Jennifer - people with guns kill people
Karen March 25, 2013 at 01:42 AM
Weren't the Menendez brothers 2 parent wealthy home? What liberal agenda has caused this? Suggesting single parent household cause crimes shows how ignorant you really are
Karen March 25, 2013 at 01:52 AM
Grew up listening to metal and still do. I have a higher regard for all life than most people. My favorite movies are action with violence. Music and movies have nothing to do with people killing.
Jim Blackman March 25, 2013 at 02:24 AM
Get use to the violance, this is the new norm in the Obama economy. People that dont earn a living for themselves do not have respect for themselves or others, even their parents.
P K March 25, 2013 at 09:56 AM
People with knives kill people too....as per this article. Going out for milk is right. Francis, if you think taking guns away from the people who are responsible with them is going to some how lower crime...well, that is ridiculous. Just because your opinion is different from Milks and Jennifer Bonert Robson Childs opinion does NOT make either of their opinions "stupid". Just because someone does not agree with Francis' Best Friend does NOT mean they are brainless. You are just as entitled to your opinion as Milk is to his gun.....and do you know why??? Because "brainless" "stupid" (IYO) "macho men" with guns fought for that right for you....with guns. If you would like to give up YOUR rights...then be my guest! BUT....if you give up one? Make sure to give up all! They were put into place for a reason. I suppose prohibition stopped people from drinking alcohol, huh?? Yeah..."ban" guns..... this would only make the law abiding man be with only one without a gun...But I suppose you think my opinion is "stupid" too....since it different from yours. Well, anyway.....I have a bridge to sell you :-)
Francis' Best Friend March 25, 2013 at 01:41 PM
Yes everyone, "get use to the violance" and horrible spelling and grammar. Aside from that, YOU'RE RIGHT! There wasn't any VIOLENCE before Obama.
GlockG22Shoots40s March 25, 2013 at 01:57 PM
I beg to differ with you Francis' friend... agreed that at this point they are not taking my gun or professing to, but do you think they will stop at simply making it illegal to buy my gun anymore. The magazine capacity is 15 rounds, which some idiot out of Chicago is trying to make illegal to purchase. After they get that to pass, you really think they'll stop with the power grab? Pffft.... and as soon as they do, then we'll have a bow and arrow or knife problem because those will become the weapon of choice. You may not like it. But it is the truth.
GlockG22Shoots40s March 25, 2013 at 01:59 PM
Hey Karen, if you didn't notice - Charles McCullum didn't have a gun... what do you call what he did?
GlockG22Shoots40s March 25, 2013 at 02:04 PM
I don't think Ernie desputes all of your claims, as I don't either. Statically speaking he is correct. There are anomalies to any rule (statistic), nothing is 100% anything. But there are tendencies... to deny them is to lie to yourself... enjoy la-la land...
Honestly IPO March 25, 2013 at 02:51 PM
Aw Francis' as someone who can use a bow and arrow they can kill. Mental health reform is not going to prevent gun killings. Our Hippa laws prevent family and or friends procure help for those who need it. Gun violence in our area is caused by a certain demograpic of people. Responsible gun owners don't usually kill people. There are parts of this country where learning to shoot is a right of passage. Again people kill people. More persons are killed every month nationwide by persons who legally drink than by guns. It is not nice to classify an opinion that is not your own as stupid.
fedup March 25, 2013 at 03:22 PM
Weapons, music, movies, etc. are not the problem. It is the people -- we all know that deep down. Let's stop blaming outside forces. If we continue to create a society where people don't have to work and their children and grandchildren don't have to work or constructively contribute to society, then we are creating a people that have no self worth no value for life whatsoever. So in order to make themselves feel important or at least feel as if they have a "face" in society then they have to make a name for themselves by committing crimes or striking fear into the hearts of their neighbors. And what's the down side? The odds of getting caught are low and if caught, the odds of actually being tried and convicted border on nil. And if all of that happened, the odds of actually serving time in prison are even more remote. Today, a person that actually makes it to prison has committed a hundred more offenses than the one they are serving time for. Take this a step further, once in prison the offender is simply catching up with old buddies, forming new alliances, getting all their medical issues taken care of, getting their teeth fixed, getting a high school diploma, getting trained for some outside job, learning a skill, getting counseling, etc, etc, all at the taxpayer's expense - the same taxpayers who were the victims of the 100 crimes in the first place!!!!!
Karen March 25, 2013 at 03:24 PM
The "Obama Economy"? Isn't existing homes sales the highest they've been in years? The stock market is booming. The reason the housing market took the dive it did was over inflating the value of homes for years, giving anyone with a pulse a mortgage regardless of affordability. If you didn't think the housing market would tank, then you were living in a dreamland. Anyone with common sense would have seen that coming. We live in a new society where no one has empathy for other human beings. It doesn't matter who is President, that falls on you and you alone.
Sadie March 25, 2013 at 03:56 PM
Obama Economy: ENERGY PRICES - It’s no accident that our energy prices are skyrocketing. The reckless policies and agendas pushed by the Obama administration are costing Americans billions of dollars. UNEMPLOYMENT - obs are being lost on a daily basis. Families are being harmed. Millions of Americans have simply given up looking for work. Obama has pushed our small business owners to the brink by raising taxes, kowtowing to union interests, and forcing government mandates on hard-working Americans. The only way our country will return to prosperity is by reducing taxes, repealing ObamaCare, and getting government out of the way. OBAMACARE - Obama and the Democrats in Congress single-handedly passed the most devastating legislation to small businesses in the history of this country by voting for ObamaCare. Government mandates and higher taxes have left business owners scared to hire additional employees or to expand and grow their companies. Obama makes no apologies for this job killing law, which is no surprise since he has never held or created a private sector job. SPENDING - The federal debt is over 16 trillion dollars and counting. That is roughly $55,000 per every American citizen. With the debt increasing by almost 5 billion dollars per day and a budget deficit of 1.3 trillion dollars, Obama’s spend first and ask questions later attitude is bankrupting America and devaluing the dollar.
Chronicles of Bob March 25, 2013 at 04:35 PM
Karen, Thay dosent fit their argument.
Chronicles of Bob March 25, 2013 at 04:40 PM
Francis I didnt bring metal into it as well. I was mocking the whole thought that there should be a connection of rap music and violence. My mocking skills apparently need some help. I mentioned rap music because i figured the "white" music would be defended. I apologize for not being clear enough and offending any heavy metal fans.
Tired of the B.S. March 25, 2013 at 04:49 PM
Thanks COB, I guess that I forgot the part about all of them wearing Nikes and being black. Thanks for correcting me. By the way, I was joking about the rap music part, didn't mean for you to get all upset. One more thing, you need to learn how to spell, especially if you are going to call people idiots.....thats should be that's...ive should be I've...Theu should be They...memeber should be member... and finally, isnt should be isn't.
Francis' Best Friend March 25, 2013 at 05:03 PM
When did I say a bow can't kill?? Once again people can't comprehend what someone puts and just wants to see what they want to see. I just said we don't have a Bow and Arrow murder problem.
Francis' Best Friend March 25, 2013 at 05:08 PM
ahhhhhhh Sorry then. My bad. I probably should have looked at your other comments too. I take back my mean comment. Although what I said still can still apply to what many people say. I see what you did there.....
Chronicles of Bob March 25, 2013 at 05:18 PM
Thanks tbs... wow... i didn't think you were joking. I really appreciate you settimg me straight.
SouthSide March 25, 2013 at 05:28 PM
Stop reading it then. The real shame is that what Patch reports is our reality.
Karen March 25, 2013 at 06:09 PM
Sadie - Please list the reckless policies and agendas. So repealing affordable health care is going to help this country how? Middle class Americans cannot afford their premiums. Haven't for quite a number of years.
Karen March 25, 2013 at 06:10 PM
Maybe you should write *wink wink* after? Sarcasm gets lost in print, I'm afraid.
Pattyann Fetta March 28, 2013 at 03:04 AM
Thansk Loren for explaining the delete option to me. I really appreciate it. I won't delete any of this information on the Patch. I want all the details. Ernie is correct; "HANG THEM". These punks are so protected by the system. They get a bed in jail, 3 meals a day, TV, computers, heathcare and not 1 but 2 public .defenders paid for by "US", the taxpayers. Ernie is also correct about the many many single mothers out there with all different fathers. This is carelessness and the life they chose to live. Dave is also correct when he wrote that parents are failing. I'll tell you why; so many of them don't care. They are usually on welfare and everything is handed to them on a silver "WELFARE PLATTER" However, you shoot one of the their gang banger kids, they run out to get a lawyer to cry police brutality. The police are doing the best they can with the scum that have moved into our once beautiful suburbs. Governor Quinn should be voted out of office for taking the death penalty off the table. How dare he put our police officers in harms way???. By the way, did Caryn get deleted yet? If she feels the Patch is too graphic, then go away. As far as her saying that kids read the Patch, then monitor the stories first. Be a parent and do your job. It's as simple as that. Stop whinning and take control. Pattyann. .
dan mchugh April 13, 2013 at 08:47 PM
If a police officer commits a crime and gets caught they automatically look into his arrest's just to see if he was corrupt or dishonest there as well IE:John Burge . That being said when the governor was convicted shouldn't they have turned over his stupid decision to stop the death penalty? I think we should have some say in whether or not there is a death penalty in the state and not just leave it up to some corrupt politician to make the decision for us


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