All These Drivers Driving While Suspended: Cops

The New Lenox police reportedly caught all these people driving with suspended licenses.

The New Lenox police charged three people with driving on suspended licenses in three days.

The three alleged suspended license drivers were:
  • Matthew Gabrione, 39, of 4557 N. Leavitt in Chicago, who was also charged with failing to signal. Gabrione was pulled over Thursday near the intersection of Gougar Road and Route 6. A passenger, 42-year-old Mark Wilson of 2455 Timber Springs in Joliet, was arrested on a warrant charging him with failing to appear in court.
  • Juan Ramirez, 24, of 210 Davison, Joliet, who was also charged with speeding when the cops pulled him over Friday near the intersection of Gear and Haven.
  • Renee Gilich, 38, of 2207 Spencer Road, who was pulled over Saturday near the intersection of Joliet Highway and Prairie Road.
  • Victor Garcia, 29, of 2300 Market in Blue Island, who was also charged with speeding when the police pulled him over Saturday near the intersection of Nelson and Spencer roads.
  • Jason McNear, 37, of 1016 Magnolia in Joliet, who was also charged with speeding, operating an uninsured vehicle and using a fraudulent license when the police pulled him over Saturday near the intersection of Route 30 and Washington Street. McNear was taken to the Will County jail.
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Bill Gemlin October 28, 2013 at 05:15 PM
I have no sympathy for anyone caught not obeying traffic laws. They cause alot of accidents which in turn cause Ins rates to go up in this area. I want to see more arrests made
Scott R October 29, 2013 at 09:34 AM
I would venture to say poor judgement and driver error is the leading cause of traffic accidents. They need to do a better job in driver's ed, reinforcing things like watching out for motorcycles - they are smaller than cars and hard to see. Also, if you get out of the left lane unless you are passing it improves the flow of traffic - less congestion, less stress. I don't believe the cops are going to pull you over for speeding up to pass so you do not block the flow of traffic. Everyone doing exactly the same speed equals congestion. It is dangerous to drive side by side - worse if you are hanging in someone's blind spot. Slower drivers keep right, faster drivers use the left lane to pass, then get back to the right until you need to pass again.
usaironworker October 29, 2013 at 07:43 PM
Why does it seem like I see a lot of people that can't make a correct left turn or don't stop at the stop sign but just pull into the crosswalk ?


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