New Lenox Public Library Book Review: 'The Name of the Star'

This book is perfect for those who has their eyes on London for the Olympic Games! Check out some of the places that Rory did. It’s also the beginning of a new series, so get on board with book one!

New Lenox Public Library Reviewer, Jenn Hovanec, delved into "The Name of the Star," by Maureen Johnson. 

Rory Deveaux is excited when she has the opportunity to ditch her small, Louisiana bayou town and move with her family to London, England.  Rory will attend boarding school there, so her life is going to take a complete turn from where it has been for the past fifteen years.  When Rory arrives though, she finds a mixture of characters in her fellow students…some great friends, some adorable boys and some fierce foes. 

London is flush with terror when Rory arrives; someone has been mimicking the Jack the Ripper murders that occurred in 1888.  The murder is repeating everything from the location of the crime down to the manner in which the victim’s life was taken. The public is soon overcome with terror and intrigue as the copycat actions continue.  Rory and her new found friends get caught up in it too, and while they are out one night after curfew, she crosses paths with the killer.  The weird part is that she seems to be the only person able to see him. Rory soon discovers that she possesses the ability to see ghosts and is eager to assist the special task force of the London police in its search for the serial killer.  One of the cool things about this book is the historical accuracy.  If you like edge of your seat thrills mixed with a few bone-chilling details, this is the story for you.



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