New Lenox Public Library Book Review: "Stormrunners"

"Stormrunners" is an adventure tale.

"Stormrunners" is a book authored by Roland Smith.

Books, CDs and DVDs are regularly reviewed by staff.

Chase Masters travels around with his dad chasing storms and disaster areas in order to make a living rebuilding the damage. When Hurricane Emily strikes where it was not expected to hit it puts Chase and his new friends in danger. Now they need to make their way back to the farm (which is actually the winter home for a circus) in the middle of a hurricane. This book is filled with adventure and keeps track of the chapters with the time of day. I was so upset when it ended right as the eye of the hurricane was passing. I am definitely picking-up Stormrunners: The Surge to find out what happens next!



You can find Stormrunners and many other exciting adventure books at the New Lenox Public Library! Or go online and place a hold at www.newlenoxlibrary.org!


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