VIDEO: Car Dealer Gets a Prime Spot on Route 30

New Lenox Motors recently moved to the new location at Route 30 and Cedar Road. Find out why it moved, and what makes it special compared to other car dealerships.

When a business has its town name within it, you'd expect it to be recognized throughout that community. Yet, that has not exactly been the case for . With its recent move, it hopes to change all of that.

Move Down to Maple Street - "We came from an industrial park, which is great for internet sales," dealership owner Jerry Joynt said. "We wanted to get more involved with the community itself."

Joynt said that before the move, people had a tough time trying to find the shop. Now that it's been at it's location for about three weeks, the company feels as though it has improved its presence with locals. "We still have our online presence, so we get a lot of calls from cars.com or our website," said Joynt. "But now we're getting a lot of walk-up customers that we know."

Who works there?

Owner - New Lenox resident Jerry Joynt has been working in the car business since he was a boy. "One of my first jobs as a kid was working at a full service gas station pumping gas," said Joynt. "Then it grew into a career working on cars."

Employees - When Joynt is not in the store, he receives help from his brother.

"I look for someone I can trust," said Joynt of what he wants in an employee. "Someone who is going to be honest." 

What Makes the Dealership Special? - Before customers purchase a car from New Lenox Motors, it goes through a long process. A car will first get inspected by a body shop to check for any unacceptable repair. Next, it goes to an automotive shop, that is not associated with New Lenox Motors, to do a full inspection of the car. Finally, it receives a history report from AutoCheck.

"All three of those things are in the front window of every car," Joynt said. "Whenever someone looks at a care here, they can see that it's not just us telling them it's a good car."

The business also has a 90-day-warranty-policy, so that if a customer has any problem with their car that was not fixed before it was driven off the lot, it can be repaired for no cost.

Plans for the Future - New Lenox Motors is currently working with a couple of different companies to improve its website and delve further into social media, beyond its Facebook page.

As for the physical part of business, Joynt would like to see the company's inventory continue to grow. "We want to keep adding cars and inventory," Joynt said. "And down the road, we might end up looking for another location here in town or opening up a satellite location, as a second dealership."

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Car Fox July 05, 2012 at 12:46 PM
Good luck Jerry, The car business is hard and you seem to be doing all the right things (well almost all). If you would like your online listings on Cars.com to also include a vehicle history report, give me a call. Car Fox
alski July 05, 2012 at 02:21 PM
Best of luck to you. I agree it's a great location and you should do quite well there. I think one thing you might want to consider to help with sales and do your part as a responsible business owner is......see what can be done to improve the look of that building. Websites and Social media are great and I know people are more interested in the quality of the car they are buying. However I personally feel the look of the building as it is now screams "here today gone tomorrow" and that if anything is what I personally feel is going to make or break you. I know the township has been working on plans to revamp that area and hopes to modernize it while keeping the " small hometown feel " The fact remains however that those plans could still be years and years down the road while at the same time having businesses occupy the buildings is certainly better than having them sit empty. One idea would be for the township to offer some sort of incentive for business owners to move into these shops. Access what needs to be done and what the two would like to see done. The cost is split between the two ( town and business owner ) based on some preset percentage. The work is then done buy "local" construction, landscaping, etc businesses...It's a win, win, win situation. Just an idea.


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