Dance/Fitness Studio Opens in New Lenox

Zumba demonstration energizes the New Lenox Chamber of Commerce event.

Business owners, representatives and supporters were treated to an energetic demonstration by Zumba instructors, including Victoria Jones, the owner of the newly opened Harmonic Way Group Fitness & Wellness.

Well-wishers attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony, which was held Wednesday at 1906 Ferro Drive.  

The Zumba dance fitness studio is sharing space in a building with along with Dreamz Elite. The high-energy trio of businesses are bound to make moves that attract young and old alike.

 Jones admits that the studio is somewhat difficult to find. It's on the second floor and through a pink door inside Flipstar Gymnastic Academy. "That's a challenge we have to overcome," she said. But once word gets out about the synergistic trio, that pink door is bound to get a work out.

After posing for pictures shot by Debbie Hypke, chief operating officer for the New Lenox Chamber of Commerce, and the media, Jones along with instructor Kim O'Neil, of New Lenox, and student Talia Leitshu, of Manhattan, demonstrated their rhythm and expertise to an upbeat tune.

Onlookers got a workout just watching the dancers perform a fitness routine that resembled a carefully choreographed Hip Hop dance. The music was fun and energizing. That's the idea, said Jones. Zumba dancing is a fresh way to achieve an overall workout. Each move is meant to exercise various muscles in the legs, arms, stomach and more.

Lively group exercise appeals to many because it's not a solo endeavor. Walking on a treadmill or lifting weights at home can lose its appeal. The Zumba dancing that Jones offers is taught to accommodate beginners and long-time enthusiasts.

O'Neil leads the beginners. She took time to explain that beginners are sometimes uncomfortable because they lack confidence in their ability to dance. "But you don't have to worry if you look bad. No one else knows the moves either" until they learn the steps.

Meanwhile, six other instructors are on staff to teach a variety of dances meant to focus on belly fitness, power circuit conditioning and total toning.  Jones said in the fall she anticipates adding two more instructors to lead groups in Turbo Kick and Pilates regimens.

And Harmonic Way is not solely for exercise and fitness. Jones said she also offers therapeutic  massages, and she books massage parties. It's a whole body and mind experience

Leitshuh said she has been taking classes led by Jones for quite a while. "I love that it's so much fun. I love the energy."


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