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This is a new feature about the familiar faces that we in the community encounter on a regular basis and those who work behind the scenes.

Meet Wendy Miller, the business manager at United Methodist Church of New Lenox. For the past eight years, Miller has worked behind the scenes to keep the ministries and the finances together for the church.

In an office that overlooks one of the village's most attractive spots, the several acres of wooded property between Haven Avenue and Route 30, Miller spends her day.

"What I like (about the job) is that no two days are alike. I enjoy talking to people as they come in and out of the building. I like sharing their happy moments, and available to share their not so happy moments," she said.

Mainly, Miller said she considers her job a ministry too. "My ministry is more behind the scenes. It's a support ministry." Everyone from the pastor to the music ministry leaders look to Miller to help keep them organized and on track. .

Part of her job is outreach in the community. Miller is in charge of communications for the church as well.

Let me know the familiar face you would likeĀ  highlighted.

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Michelle Power October 10, 2012 at 09:14 PM
Ryan Hesslau he is a 16 yr old kid from our youth group. He is creating a movement called "forever u" to raise an awarness for bullying, depression, and suicide among teens. He is a local Lincolnway Junior, and he is simply amazing. Check out facebook's forever u page, or contact me for more information. Everyone should have the pleasure of meeting this amazing kid. http://www.facebook.com/ForeverUmovement


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