Hay Now! Woman Suing Corn Maze Company Says She Was Hurt Stepping Off Hay Bale

The woman tripped as she stepped off a hay bale, according to a lawsuit.

A hay bale. Credit: Joseph Hosey
A hay bale. Credit: Joseph Hosey
A woman was grievously injured when she stepped off a hay bale in a "straw playground," according to a lawsuit filed in Will County court.

The Konow Corn Maze company was responsible for the unspecified injuries suffered by Elyse Lester, according to her lawsuit.

Lester was visiting Konow Corn Maze's Homer Glen "straw playground" in October, the lawsuit said, and hurt herself while "stepping down from a hay bale."

This was Konow Corn Maze's fault, according to the lawsuit, because it failed to:
  • Reasonably inspect the straw playground
  • " ... warn (Lester) of the dangerous condition in the playground, specifically the concealment of the changing elevation ... "
  • " ... maintain and clean the floor of straw in the playground ... "
  • Keep the walkway clear and
  • Warn Lester "of the potential risk or hazard of the change in elevation of the straw on the ground," among other things.
Lester not only "sustained severe and permanent injuries, both externally and internally," the lawsuit said, but also "suffered great pain and anguish both in mind and body and will in the future continue to suffer."

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