From a Bald Eagle to a Robin's Eggs: Share Your Backyard Nature Pix

Signs of spring are everywhere. Get that cool nature pic off your smartphone and onto Patch where everyone can enjoy it.

I saw a bald eagle flying over St. Francis Road Saturday evening. Might be the same one Allison Kozlowski Nettles saw. She took the lead photograph in this gallery — of a bald eagle perched in a tree — on Sunday, April 28, 2013, near the water behind the Frankfort Square Park District building.

The eagle sat for about 20 minutes, she says, until a little bird spooked him and he flew across the water to another tree. 

Speaking of little birds, I have nine bird nests in my little patch of land in Frankfort Township. I snapped a pic earlier today of a mama mourning dove, also known as a turtle dove, with one of her newborns. I learned today that mourning doves feed their brood protein-rich "crop milk" when they are young (and so do penguins and flamingos). And in a bush just a few feet from my front door, a robin built a nest and laid three eggs. 

Have you snapped a few springtime nature photos in your back yard? Share with your neighbors and upload to this gallery.


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