At Least It Stopped Snowing In New Lenox ... For Now

Which is worse, the snow or the bitter cold?

That's one cold cat. Credit: Janet Hosey
That's one cold cat. Credit: Janet Hosey
The snow has finally stopped. But could it get any colder?

Forecasts say: No, not in the coming days. But it's still going to be pretty cold.

Weather.com predicts it won't be any warmer than 14 degrees before the mercury spikes all the way up to 28 on Thursday. The down side of that is the Weather.com fortune tellers figure the balmy temperatures will be accompanied by even more snow. But just a little this time. With any luck.

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Will County Resident January 06, 2014 at 01:02 PM
Do you think this article is clever? It's really not.


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